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Online Class Assignment Copyright Principles

Online Class Assignment, a website operated by Ardent Thrive, provides a platform for students to access user-generated and user-uploaded written content as a study aid. These copyright principles aim to create an online environment that both promotes the benefits of Online Class Assignment’ services and respects the rights of copyright owners.

The principles include:

  • Eliminating infringing content on Online Class Assignment and any related service
  • Encouraging the upload of original, authorized user-generated content
  • Allowing fair use of copyrighted content on Online Class Assignment
  • Protecting user privacy

Copyright principles

Online Class Assignment will include information about intellectual property rights in prominent places, discourage users from uploading infringing content, and use technology to identify and remove infringing content. Users will be notified during the upload process that they may not upload infringing content and that they affirm compliance with Online Class Assignment’ terms of use.

Online Class Assignment will have a contact email address for copyright owners to make infringement complaints, which will be responded to within 7 days and infringing content will be removed within 14 days. Repeat infringers will have their account terminated. Online Class Assignment will also provide information to help copyright owners take action against infringers, as permitted under the Data Protection Act.

If these principles are followed in good faith, Online Class Assignment requests that copyright owners will not assert copyright infringement claims against them regarding any remaining infringing content on the website.

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