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MBA-FPX 5910 Assessment 2 Capstone Project Proposal

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Capstone Project Proposal 

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MBA-FPX 5910 Assignment 2

MBA Capstone Proposal

Capella University 

June 20, 2023 


Uber Technologies, Inc. (Uber) is currently facing significant challenges in its financial situation and public reputation due to a lack of safety measures for its employees and customers. With ongoing Federal investigations and numerous civil lawsuits worldwide, Uber’s competitive advantage is at risk due to negative public opinion and a weak Corporate Social Responsibility platform. This capstone project aims to analyze the financial information and legal accusations against Uber in order to develop strategies that enhance the safety of employees and customers, rebuild Uber’s reputation, and maintain its competitive advantage while improving its financial condition. The project will assess the financial impact of the legal cases against Uber and propose recommendations to strengthen its Corporate Social Responsibility, reputation, and financial condition.


Uber’s downfall is believed to be a result of various leadership neglects and oversights. The resignation of Uber’s Co-founder and CEO, Travis Kalanick, in August 2017 due to sexual harassment allegations, along with his subsequent removal from the Board of Directors in December 2019, necessitate a restructuring of the company’s original business model and organizational culture. The project identifies the need to improve safety policies and procedures for Uber’s employees and customers, which will have a positive impact on its public reputation and financial condition.


The capstone project will examine Uber’s financial records, specifically stock market values, following major negative events or lawsuits that were made public. Additionally, an analysis of Uber’s current practices for protecting employees and customers will be conducted. The scope aims to identify the financial losses incurred after each event became public, as well as identify loose or unenforced policies and procedures that have harmed the company and its consumers.

The components of the capstone project will involve utilizing SWOT, PESTEL, VUCA, and Porter’s 5 Forces analysis methods to assess the financial condition, competitive advantage, and corporate social responsibility of Uber. Furthermore, an assessment of the disciplines involved, known as a Value Chain, in Uber’s rise and fall will be conducted to determine the necessary policies, procedures, technologies, and business systems required to repair and improve the company’s current state. Recommendations will be proposed based on business ethics, leadership responsibility, and organizational culture restructuring, with a focus on enhancing the safety of passengers and drivers.

Discussion of the Proposal

The premise of the capstone project is to examine the effects of poor organizational planning and responsible leadership on Uber’s revenue loss, customer and employee dissatisfaction, and legal actions related to safety concerns. The proposal seeks to provide a thorough assessment of the Uber situation and recommend valid and strategically intelligent suggestions to improve the company’s financial condition, reputation, and safety for employees and consumers.

Strategy and Scope

The scope of this project includes analyzing the negative effects of worldwide events on Uber’s revenue, stock price value, and customer satisfaction ratings. A strategic plan will be developed to implement new technology, policies and procedures, hiring requirements, and consumer safety measures that aim to improve revenue, customer and employee satisfaction, and safety.

The strategy to accomplish the objectives of the capstone project involves researching company data from Uber’s website, credible literature, and government resources. The plan includes determining Uber’s current business strategies and models, assessing the level of planning for future events, analyzing financial outcomes resulting from past decisions and events, identifying gaps in processes and policies, developing recommendations to improve financial outcomes and address procedural gaps, and assigning quantifiable metrics to measure the success of the recommendations.

Action Plan

Data Gathering

Critical data for the capstone project will be obtained by analyzing Uber’s financial records from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Historical stock value data from Yahoo Finance will be utilized to assess the financial impact of specific events. Business journals, articles from reputable sources such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Forbes, and NBC News, will provide valuable information on leadership actions, decisions, and outcomes, aiding in the development of recommendations for improvements, organizational restructuring, and strategies to regain competitive advantage, safety, and public trust.

Data Analysis

The capstone project will utilize specific data from significant events in Uber’s history to measure their effects on financial outcomes. Data from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Uber’s website, and Yahoo Finance will be collected to analyze the company’s financial condition since its inception. Stock market value will be graphically represented to illustrate the consequences of organizational decisions and events. SWOT analysis will identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, while PESTEL analysis will assess internal and external factors influencing the organization. VUCA analysis will evaluate effective leadership presence, and Porter’s 5 Forces Method will analyze market competition. These analyses will provide valuable insights into Uber’s organizational culture, structure, leadership, and financial condition, which will inform the development of strategic recommendations for improvement.

Application of BetterUp Assessment Results and Coaching

The capstone project will demonstrate the acquired MBA competencies by conducting a comprehensive financial and organizational analysis of Uber and proposing a strategic plan for implementing new procedures and policies to enhance the safety, satisfaction, and financial condition of its customers and employees. The project will meet all MBA requirements and program competencies, and it will showcase problem-solving, communication, and influential/motivational leadership skills acquired during the MBA program. The recommendations provided will be based on sound research and strategic intelligence.


The capstone project will showcase the writer’s problem-solving ability through a well-structured writing plan, analysis of verifiable and relevant data, and the implementation of suggestions to address business issues from multiple perspectives. The writer’s creative and strategic thinking skills will be utilized to develop effective strategies and suggestions, and their strengths in influence and communication will be leveraged to deliver comprehensible and informative business solutions. Recommendations will be logically supported with evidence, aligning proposed suggestions with desired outcomes.


As identified by the BetterUp assessment, the writer’s weaknesses lie in energy and calmness. Energy weakness refers to feeling drained or depleted, while calmness weakness involves maintaining balance despite daily challenges. The writer must strive to maintain balance in their personal, professional, and academic life to ensure accurate, meaningful, and energetically positive completion of the capstone. Neglecting these weaknesses may compromise the research and the ability to provide adequate follow-through for a successful business solution.

Coaching Effects on Leadership

BetterUp coaching is a valuable tool for the writer to seek positive feedback and constructive advice to improve the capstone project. Leadership coaching during the capstone project will provide the writer with affirmations, influence, and creative conversations to overcome writing blocks, brainstorm ideas, and instill confidence in the mission of the paper. Professional coaching enhances leadership development, allowing emerging leaders to recognize their strengths, focus on improving weaknesses, and discover attributes that foster success.


In conclusion, this capstone project will demonstrate the MBA competencies acquired by delivering a comprehensive financial and organizational analysis of Uber Technologies, Inc. The project will provide a strategic plan recommending the implementation of new procedures and policies to improve safety, satisfaction, and financial condition for Uber’s customers and employees. It will be completed within the designated deadline, meet all MBA requirements, and fulfill the program competencies. The capstone project’s value lies in presenting real-world statistics on Uber’s car-for-hire services and human safety, along with suggestions to improve procedures and save lives. Permission to proceed to the next stage of the capstone project is requested.


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