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MKT FPX 5410 Assessment 1 Marketing Mix

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 Marketing Mix: Spokin’ Wheels 

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MKT FPX-5410 Assessment 1

Digital Marketing

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Spokin’ Wheels, a successful local bicycle shop located in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, is planning to open a second shop in a suburb of Pittsburgh. This expansion will allow Spokin’ Wheels to reach a larger client pool and further establish its presence in the market. As the founders of the shop, my partner and I recognize the importance of setting clear objectives in the marketing plan to ensure everyone on our team understands the goals we have set. In this paper, we will focus on the digital marketing aspect of our strategy, using the 7 “P”s framework and the 5 “S”s to guide our approach.

The 7 “P”s The 7 “P”s framework, developed by Booms and Bitner, provides a comprehensive approach to the marketing mix. It emphasizes the variables that are crucial to consumers, including product, price, place, promotion, people, physical evidence, and processes, with an additional focus on partnerships (Chaffey & Smith, 2017). These elements play a vital role in shaping our digital marketing strategy.


Spokin’ Wheels offers a diverse range of bicycles, catering to different activity levels and lifestyles. In addition to the bikes themselves, we also provide accessories and clothing to enhance the biking experience.

2. Price:

Pricing consistency is essential for Spokin’ Wheels to eliminate confusion among customers. While the cost of physical products is based on the manufacturer’s pricing, services may vary in price due to factors such as technician skill levels and service complexity. We aim to offer bundle pricing and subscription options for tune-ups and cleaning services, fostering customer loyalty and long-term relationships (Jackson & Ahuja, 2016).

3. Place

Online presence is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Spokin’ Wheels will ensure its availability on multiple channels for customers to make purchases conveniently, either for offline fulfillment or quick in-store pickup. Leveraging customer information and location data, we will provide options that enable customers to receive their products promptly (Chaffey & Smith, 2017).

4. Promotion

Digital marketing opens up numerous avenues for promotional activities. Social media platforms will play a crucial role in reaching a wider audience, fostering engagement, and leveraging word-of-mouth advertising. By utilizing existing apps and online communities, Spokin’ Wheels can extend its reach and connect with potential customers effectively (Souar, Mahi, & Ameur, 2015).

5. People

While digital platforms may create a sense of distance, people remain integral to marketing success. At Spokin’ Wheels, we prioritize creating a positive work environment that translates into a satisfying customer experience. We provide online resources such as FAQs and monitored online forums to assist customers in finding the information they need. Additionally, automated services help address customer inquiries promptly and efficiently (Chaffey & Smith, 2017).

6. Physical

Evidence Transparency and uniformity are crucial in conveying credibility and trust online. Spokin’ Wheels will focus on providing clear information, listing guarantees and policies to manage customer expectations effectively. Consistency in branding and using the same logos and fonts across all platforms will ensure a cohesive and recognizable brand image (Chaffey & Smith, 2017).

7. Process

To enhance customer experience and satisfaction, Spokin’ Wheels will communicate the process clearly at every stage. Updates on product availability, shipping, and service appointments will be provided through the website and in-store. Automated customer satisfaction surveys will help gather feedback and identify areas for improvement, fostering continuous enhancement of our processes (Chaffey & Smith, 2017).

The Five “S”s: Sell, Serve, Speak, Save, Sizzle


Spokin’ Wheels, a local bicycle shop, is embarking on an expansion plan and aims to revamp its marketing strategy to effectively reach a wider audience. To achieve this, the shop will employ the five “S”s framework, consisting of Sell, Serve, Speak, Save, and Sizzle. These elements, as outlined by Chaffey and Smith (2017), will guide Spokin’ Wheels’ digital marketing objectives and help in accomplishing its goals.


A key aspect of the digital marketing strategy is the development of a newly redesigned website that enables Spokin’ Wheels to outperform other bike shops. The website will facilitate online sales, allowing customers to make purchases conveniently. While services cannot be fulfilled online, the website will provide essential information to customers, helping them research and plan their visit to the store (Chaffey & Smith, 2017). Additionally, the current trend of booming e-commerce businesses emphasizes the need for businesses to adapt and provide seamless online transactions, which has become even more crucial in light of the pandemic (Oliveira, 2015).

2. Serve

Serving customers effectively involves adding value through online-only deals and incorporating customer feedback to improve products. Monitoring site engagement and analyzing traffic sources will provide insights into customer preferences and enable targeted marketing efforts (Chaffey & Smith, 2017). Employing pull marketing strategies, Spokin’ Wheels will attract consumers to its website through engaging content and evaluate customer perceptions to enhance the overall customer experience (Burghate, 2018). The shop will also incentivize honest reviews and utilize the collected information to strengthen customer connections.

3. Speak

Creating a strong online presence is vital, with a focus on owned media such as the website and social media channels. By establishing a distinctive voice and aligning with the cycling vernacular, Spokin’ Wheels will drive engagement and conversation among its target audience. Employing search engine marketing and optimization techniques will further enhance website visibility and attract relevant traffic (Chaffey & Smith, 2017; Burghate, 2018).

4. Save

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are crucial goals for Spokin’ Wheels. A well-managed and user-friendly website will allow customers to serve themselves, saving time and effort for in-store employees. The shift from traditional print media to digital marketing eliminates additional production costs and allows for reallocating resources to other marketing areas. Directing customer inquiries to the website and providing comprehensive information will reduce phone calls, enabling staff to focus on in-store operations (Chaffey & Smith, 2017).

5. Sizzle

Creating differentiation and a unique brand image is essential for Spokin’ Wheels to stand out from competitors. Building strong relationships, credibility, and recognition through a solid brand will instill confidence in suppliers and customers. Additionally, fostering a community aspect and emphasizing the camaraderie within the Spokin’ Wheels family will help strengthen customer loyalty and attract new customers (Chaffey & Smith, 2017).


Spokin’ Wheels’ expansion plan necessitates a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. By employing the five “S”s framework, the shop aims to enhance its online presence, increase sales, improve customer service, communicate effectively, optimize resources, and create a distinct brand image. Implementing these strategies will set Spokin’ Wheels up for success in its new venture (Chaffey & Smith, 2017; Oliveira, 2015; Burghate, 2018).


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