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NURS FPX 6030 Assessment 1: MSN Practicum Conference Call

Assessment 1: MSN Practicum Conference Call

Student Name 

Capella University

NURS-FPX 6030: MSN Practicum and Capstone

Professor Name





The conference call started with a formal greeting, and the professor and I discussed about the PICOT question that i choose for this class.

Action item: Approved

Discussion of the PICOT

In patients with central line devices (P), the implementation or improvement of a nurse-led vascular access team (I) compared to the involvement of intensive care physicians (C) will result in a decreased occurrence of central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) in the intensive care unit (O) within a two-month timeframe (T).

Action item: Approved

Suggestions for the topic

The instructor has asked for the incorporation of 12-15 articles published within the last 4 years. It is important to note that Assessment 2 should provide a comprehensive explanation of the PICOT. In composing the literature review, it is imperative to focus on peer-reviewed research while excluding any references to NIH or CDC. To ensure a successful outcome in the assessments, it is crucial to adhere to the grading rubric meticulously.

Action item: Approved

Discussion about practicum hours 

The professor emphasized the importance of delineating the required activities and including approved practicum hours with each assessment. Specifically, 20 hours were allocated for clinical research, while 80 hours were designated for collaborating with the preceptor and maintaining an accurate record of these hours.

Action item: The hours will be attached to each assessment. 


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