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BUS FPX 4993 Assessment 1: Mission Statement

Assessment 1: Mission Statement

My personal mission statement is: “To use my knowledge, skills, and competencies to improve the quality of life of my family, make a change in the community, and deliver the best quality of service for my clients and customers.”


This personal mission statement encompasses the three areas of my life. As a mother and a wife, I aim to use my abilities so that I can provide a comfortable life for my family. As a member of our community, I would like to use my potential in ways that can help inspire change and support programs for the benefit of the lesser fortunate ones. Finally, I plan to use my talents pertinent to my line of work so that I can give our clients and customers the best possible quality of care and service they seek. My personal mission statement is based on the values of giving, compassion, and kindness. All of these values are expressions of love on different levels (Radtke, 2022).

BUS FPX 4993 Assessment 1: Mission Statement

My personal mission statement is also related to my economic goals. For instance, in order to give my family a comfortable life, I must be able to earn a healthy sum of money for our daily expenses. Part of my mission for my family is to provide them with security in form of medical and life insurance. By investing a portion of my income, I am able to create a stable retirement plan for me and my husband so that we will not become a burden to our children in our old age. This part of my personal mission is attainable by building a trustworthy relationship with our clients and customers (Gorton, 2022). Through this, the demand for our organization’s services will increase, translating to a healthy level of profitability. From this, my financial targets associated with my income can be realized.

My philosophy in life can be summed up into two words – quality and satisfaction. I have always valued quality over quantity, although I do not deny that I also dream of living a lavish and luxurious life with my family. However, I have been through a lot worse in my life, and the struggles I have experienced in my childhood helped me become appreciative of simple things in life. While I do not deny that money makes me happy, spending time with my family and friends makes me feel content (Yeom et al., 2018). I will not trade my family’s health for money. I will still choose to have stability and serenity over any luxuries in life.

BUS FPX 4993 Assessment 1: Mission Statement

Competencies and Competitive Advantages

My core strength is determination. I have endured a lot of trials in life and those experiences have made me a stronger person. My determination in life to succeed is also my competitive advantage because I am confident that no challenge will break my spirit and will to accomplish my goals in life. I am a fast learner. I have learned to thrive in different situations, most importantly under stress and pressure. Because of this, I have learned various methods of coping with stress that can affect my performance at work, critical thinking, and emotions. Finally, I can say that I am passionate not only about my job but also about life (Day, 2018). I always seek new adventures and experiences because these things keep me grounded.

BUS FPX 4993 Assessment 1: Mission Statement

My job revolves on providing clinical services to patients. This job is service-centric, and it requires us to show dynamic attitudes and behaviors in order to build rapport and positive interaction with our clients and patients. One of the most important responsibilities of my job lies in patient advocating which requires me to show congenial behaviors so that our facility’s clients will trust me in behalf of the organization I work for. As a patient advocate, I am expected to show competitive communication skills which will enable me to explain and make our clients understand our healthcare goals for them. This responsibility also demands the ability to listen and understand our clients, considering their specific needs, limitations, and concerns. By providing timely, comprehensive, and encouraging feedback to our clients and patients, I am able to help them get the best option for their needs. This responsibility is vital in a holistic patient care environment because if no one listens to them, they will not trust that our organization can provide for their specific needs and unique concerns.

BUS FPX 4993 Assessment 1: Mission Statement


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