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Classes we take for MBA Health Care Management

  • MBA-FPX5002 MBA Leadership
  • MBA-FPX5006 Business Strategy
  • MBA-FPX5008 Applied Business Analytics
  • MBA-FPX5010 Accounting Methods for Leaders
  • MBA-FPX5012 Marketing Management
  • MBA-FPX5014 Applied Managerial Finance
  • MBA-FPX5016 Operations Management for Leaders
  • MBA-FPX5910 MBA Capstone Experience
  • ACC-FPX5610 Advanced Accounting, Budget Planning, and Control
  • ANLY-FPX5510 Advanced Business Analytics
  • ENTR-FPX5412 New Ventures and Entrepreneurship
  • FIN-FPX5710 Economic Foundations for Financial Decision Making
  • HCM-FPX5310 Decision-Making in the Health Care System
  • HCM-FPX5312 Analyzing the Health Care Environment
  • HCM-FPX5314 Driving Health Care Results
  • HRM-FPX5060 Sourcing and Managing Talent in the Workplace
  • HRM-FPX5090 Retaining and Engaging Employees for the Modern Workforce
  • HRM-FPX5310 Strategic Human Resource Management
  • ITEC-FPX5030 Emerging Technologies
  • LEAD-FPX5210 Leading Global and Diverse Cultures
  • LEAD-FPX5220 Leader as Change Agent
  • MKT-FPX5410 Digital Marketing
  • MKT-FPX5416 Consumer Insights
  • OPS-FPX5620 Supply Chain Foundations and Management
  • OPS-FPX5630 Strategic Supply Chain Sourcing
  • PM-FPX5018 Project Management Foundations
  • PM-FPX5332 Project Management Planning, Execution, and Control
  • PM-FPX5333 Project Budgeting, Procurement, and Quality
  • PM-FPX5334 Project Risk Assessment and Control

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