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Classes we take for BS FPX Accounting

  • MAT-FPX2001 Statistical Reasoning
  • BUS-FPX3007 Developing a Business Perspective
  • BUS-FPX3011 Fundamentals of Management
  • BUS-FPX3012 Fundamentals of Leadership
  • BUS-FPX3021 Fundamentals of Business Law
  • BUS-FPX3022 Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
  • BUS-FPX3030 Fundamentals of Marketing and Sales
  • BUS-FPX3040 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
  • BUS-FPX3050 Fundamentals of Organizational Communication
  • BUS-FPX3061 Fundamentals of Accounting
  • BUS-FPX3062 Fundamentals of Finance
  • BUS-FPX4993 Business Capstone Project
  • BUS-FPX4060 Financial Accounting Principles
  • BUS-FPX4061 Managerial Accounting Principles
  • BUS-FPX4062 Intermediate Financial Accounting Topics and Trends
  • BUS-FPX4063 Advanced Financial Accounting Topics and Trends
  • BUS-FPX4064 Cost Accounting for Planning and Control
  • BUS-FPX4065 Income Tax Concepts and Strategies
  • BUS-FPX4068 Contemporary Auditing Using Investigative Accounting Practices
  • BUS-FPX4070 Foundations in Finance

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