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In nursing, “PICOT” is a structured framework for formulating clinical research questions. It’s an acronym that represents the key components of a research question: Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, and Time. The PICOT format helps nurses and other healthcare professionals to create focused and well-defined research questions for evidence-based practice.

5 PICO(T) examples in nursing:

Here are a 5 examples of PICOT questions in nursing:

  • Population: Elderly patients in long-term care facilities
  • Intervention: Daily exercise program
  • Comparison: No exercise program
  • Outcome: Reduction in falls
  • Time: Over a six-month period

PICOT Question: In elderly patients residing in long-term care facilities, does a daily exercise program compared to no exercise program lead to a reduction in falls over a six-month period?

  • Population: Children aged 5-12 with asthma
  • Intervention: Use of spacer devices with inhalers
  • Comparison: Use of inhalers without spacer devices
  • Outcome: Improvement in asthma symptom control
  • Time: Within three months

PICOT Question: Among children aged 5-12 with asthma, does the use of spacer devices with inhalers compared to inhalers without spacer devices lead to improved asthma symptom control within three months?

  • Population: Pregnant women in their third-trimester
  • Intervention: Prenatal yoga classes
  • Comparison: Standard prenatal care without yoga
  • Outcome: Reduction in perceived stress levels
  • Time: Throughout the third trimester

PICOT Question: For pregnant women in their third trimester, does participating in prenatal yoga classes, compared to standard prenatal care without yoga, reduce perceived stress levels throughout the third trimester?

  • Population: Post-operative patients recovering from abdominal surgery
  • Intervention: Early ambulation and mobility
  • Comparison: Delayed ambulation and mobility
  • Outcome: Decreased risk of post-operative complications
  • Time: Within the first-week post-surgery

PICOT Question: In post-operative patients recovering from abdominal surgery, do early ambulation and mobility, compared to delayed ambulation and mobility, reduce the risk of postoperative complications within the first-week post-surgery?

  • Population: Hospitalized adults with pressure ulcers
  • Intervention: Use of specialized wound dressings
  • Comparison: Standard wound care dressings
  • Outcome: Faster healing of pressure ulcers
  • Time: Over a two-week period

PICOT Question: Among hospitalized adults with pressure ulcers, does the use of specialized wound dressings compared to standard wound care dressings result in faster healing of pressure ulcers over a two-week period?

These examples illustrate how the PICOT framework can formulate research questions that are specific, focused, and relevant to nursing practice.

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