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PSYC-FPX 4600 Assessment 2 Research Proposal

Capella 4600 Assessment 2

 Assessment 2 Research Proposal

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Capella University

PSYC-FPX 4600 Assessment 2:

Research Methods in Psychology

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Research Proposal

Redding, C. (2022) declared that ethnic differences create a significant impact on academic grades of students. The researcher theorizes that teachers from a similar race or ethnic background make students feel more comfortable and competent in achieving good grades. This occurs because students feel at ease, and cultural identities do not hinder their academic performance (Redding, C., 2022). The hypothesis for this study will be “Ethnicity has a significant impact on creating a difference in students’ grades and achievements.” The independent variable will be ethnicity, defined as the cause of the research study and cannot be changed. The dependent variable will be grades.

PSYC-FPX 4600 Assessment 2 Research Proposal- Methods


The random sampling method will be used to evaluate the research hypothesis without any biased approach, and the sample will be recruited from high schools (Xu, 2019).


A mixed research approach will be used to measure the impact of ethnicity on students’ academic performance (Creamer & Reeping, 2020). Inferential statistics will be used to test the hypothesis and draw conclusions about the research participants’ grades and the impact of ethnicity differences on their academic performance. PSYC-FPX 4600 Assessment 2 Research Proposal. The strength of inferential statistics lies in its ability to generalize the dataset, while its weakness lies in the potential inability to completely measure the dataset, impacting the reliability and validity of the data (Altoè et al., 2020).


A mixed research method and survey design will be used to gather data by collecting research participants’ opinions, thoughts, and ideas through survey questions (Pack, 2023). All participants will be volunteers. They will complete a demographic questionnaire providing information on age, sex, social status, race, and cultural background. PSYC-FPX 4600 Assessment 2 Research Proposal. All participants will belong to one group, and they will report the impact of ethnicity. Lastly, participants will report their grades as the dependent variable.

Potential Confounding Variables

Academic performance and racism are other dependent variables that can affect the study. The sociocultural variable, such as social status and cultural differences, can also create an effect on the research study, particularly in multicultural students. These potential confounding variables can be controlled through the use of research ethics, ensuring the complete avoidance of any direct harm to the population.


Altoè, G., Bertoldo, G., Zandonella Callegher, C., Toffalini, E., Calcagnì, A., Finos, L., & Pastore, M. (2020). Enhancing statistical inference in psychological research via prospective and retrospective design analysis. Frontiers in Psychology, 10. 

Creamer, E. G., & Reeping, D. (2020). Advancing mixed methods in psychological research. Methods in Psychology, 3, 100035. 

Pack. (2023). Methods In Psychology Author Information Pack Editor-in-Chief.

Redding, C. (2019). A teacher like me: A review of the effect of student–teacher racial/ethnic matching on teacher perceptions of students and student academic and behavioral outcomes. Review of Educational Research, 89(4), 499–535. 

Xu, A. (2019). Evaluation of sampling methods for the detection of pathogenic bacteria on pre-harvest leafy greens. Food Microbiology, 77, 137–145.

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