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NURS FPX 4000 Assessment 3: Analyze a Current Health Care Problem or Issue

Capella 4000 Assessment 3

NURS FPX4000 Assessment 3: Analyze a Current Health Care Problem or Issue

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NURS FPX 4000 Assessment 3

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NURS FPX 4000 Assessment 3: Analyze a Current Health Care Problem or Issue

Working in a hospital like Vila Health Hospital might be challenging. In the United States, experienced RN nurses have considerable challenges in delivering nursing care and ensuring its quality. Our hospital’s evidence-based practices and guidelines state that most nurses struggle to balance their workloads and apply evidence-based approaches to their procedures, affecting the quality of care they provide patients. The issues were previously identified. However, this research will dig further to find a solution and suggest it to experienced RN nurses (Darwish et al., 2017). Nurses are misusing medicines at Vila Health Hospital, negatively impacting patient outcomes. I can use my critical thinking and research skills to learn about the specific nursing issue and why other Vila Health Hospital nurses have the same problem. This is a crucial issue since our hospital provides some of the best healthcare in the nation. NURS FPX 4000 Assessment 3: Analyze a Current Health Care Problem or Issue Experienced RN nurses must use their research and knowledge skills to enhance patient care. This article will analyze the consequences of the situation. The Socratic Problem Solving Approach was also used to solve this report’s issue raised by the nursing and hospital staff.

Elements of the Issue and the Analysis

This is not new in the nursing and healthcare businesses. Evidence-based practices and procedures have recently gained popularity in American hospitals to help nurses provide the best possible patient care. On the other hand, nurses must perform flawlessly to maintain a high level of care. Medication errors are becoming more common among gatherings. The Vila Health Hospital has a policy of employing evidence-based practices. However, this has not been fully implemented, resulting in patients being administered the wrong drugs (Spoorthy, 2020). This research will examine the various reasons why this is true.

As a consequence, they’ll be more equipped to deal with current difficulties. Giving patients the proper medication is critical to improving treatment quality. Even the most experienced RNs give patients the incorrect prescription or the wrong dosage. Researchers think nurses aren’t perfect and that anybody in the hospital might give out the wrong medicine. Time constraints prevent experienced and newer RN nurses from reading several research papers.

NURS FPX 4000 Assessment 3: Analyze a Current Health Care Problem or Issue

A lack of attention to detail is also blamed for nurses prescribing incorrectly, so many nurses fail to demonstrate their knowledge in practice and impress management. Expert RN nurses with solid research abilities have the most significant challenge when integrating their findings in a clinical setting. The hospital’s management must devise new ways to assist the nurses at this institution. Nurses are often reluctant to discuss their results because they doubt their ability to implement new workplace ideas. Management spending money on their ideas and implementations would jeopardize their jobs, nurses feel. Worst of all, nurses must perform many shifts throughout the day and night due to the organization’s heavy workload. This makes it challenging to maintain a work-life balance while caring for patients (KUZNETSOVA et al., 2020).

Analyze a Current Health Care Problem or Issue

The management struggles to improve our facility’s quality and rating due to a lack of hospital research utilization. Consequently, nurses at hospitals like Vila Health Hospital still depend on their knowledge and training to treat patients correctly. Our senior management is concerned since most college graduates lack the research abilities to obtain the proper medication. This impediment prevents nurses from providing high-quality treatment. Consequently, many nurses lack confidence and are uncertain about their future. Academics say nurses’ lack of research skills and capacity to apply findings in the real world produces a massive gap between research and practice. As a result, nurses lack experience and research skills to learn more about drugs.

Critical Analysis of the Issue

Root cause analysis is a method for identifying the fundamental causes of observed differences (RCA). This discrepancy in performance may be a sentinel occurrence in the case of treatment errors. The surgical count must be carried out methodically to minimize variance and mistakes. International standards should be established for the counting method and the systematic tracking of tools, gauze, and sponges in the sterile field. Any errors in counting may be avoided if the process is audible and visible (Sha et al., 2019). The surgery should be performed by both the scrub nurse and the circulation nurse. Always employ the most sophisticated surgical counting methods. The modern approach to patient care delivery is based on the efficient and successful integration of a diverse team of care providers. Nurses and other healthcare professionals from various disciplines make up the team. A solid foundation for patient care is built on a team’s ability to communicate consistently and uniformly. Quality treatment can only be provided if physicians and nurses switch shifts at the right time. A primary goal for the new team should be to give accurate, comprehensive, and current information. The necessity of good hand-off must be stressed to healthcare practitioners.

Considering options and the Implementation of the Solution

These patients cannot focus on medication consumption while having considerable practical knowledge and healthcare experience. The bulk of our time on duty is spent with patients in different wards and rooms since our Vila Health Hospital has multiple shifts from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. Nurses report that EHR and X-ray readings and conversations with seniors took up a lot of time. During this time, the bulk of vital and practical tasks are finished. Time is wasted on non-nursing functions that do not improve research skills. To better comprehend patients’ difficulties and the medication needed to assist them, I’ve invented numerous techniques for nurses like myself. The first issue is nurses’ limited time to improve their medication delivery procedures. We need supervisors who can assist nurses create stronger connections, managing their time better, and comprehending the meds and pharmaceuticals they prescribe since healthcare is a team effort (Zhang et al., 2021).

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NURS FPX 4000 Assessment 3: Analyze a Current Health Care Problem or Issue

Examining any sensitivity or reactions indicating that patients have effectively understood, nurses may use their unique patient IDs to guarantee that every patient’s proper medication is provided. An updated medication list should be available to nurses at all times. To optimize patient care, nurses must ensure that patients’ weight and height are accurate. To reduce workplace stress, develop a work-life balance. Reduced stress allows nurses to understand more about medication and its administration. For select c patients, the second step is to see whether drugs may improve clinical outcomes. Then research and analyze several scholarly sources to learn about the latest and up-to-date best practices. The nurses should choose from the most current lists and catalogs of new and old medications coming into the hospital. They may improve their medical knowledge by collaborating with top physicians and researchers. This method improves interdepartmental linkages for customers by collaborating with doctors (Feng et al., 2021). As a result, physicians may favor particular nurses over others, dismissing other nurses with superior pharmacological knowledge.

If incorrect drug concerns are disregarded, seasoned and novice nurses may be harmed. We can’t overlook the issues because they will endure and severely damage patients’ health and nurses’ jobs. Consequently, ignoring the problem might hurt the nursing profession and the US institution. Having a doctor read it back to nurses may help them understand their therapy better. Our hospital’s nurses may adopt the Socratic Method for a supportive workplace. When a response to a question is received, it is followed by other questions. This will help researchers identify the best answer for a problem

Ethical Implications of the issue

Choosing the correct drug for a patient’s needs has specific ethical issues to keep in mind. A judicial position for ethical decisions based on academic best practices and evidence, for example, would aid in providing better healthcare for patients. This phase will assist practitioners in justifying these evidence-based techniques and offering the most OK medications to the appropriate patients in Vila Health Hospital. There are several ways in which empirical research might enhance ethical decision-making. Patients’ behavior and attitudes and their medical circumstances should be thoroughly studied by nurses to choose the appropriate medicine to provide (Govender & Arnedo-Moreno, 2021). In addition, from doctors to nurses, ethical norms recommend that nurses and administrative personnel pay the closest attention to drug mistakes.

NURS FPX 4000 Assessment 3: Analyze a Current Health Care Problem or Issue

That error might be made again and again if the drug list isn’t kept up to date. Although specific significant errors might lead to fatal consequences, patients should not be harmed by medication mistakes. Patients and nurses should not lose faith in one another, which might have a detrimental effect on the quality of care provided. Nurses can improve the health of their patients and minimize the use of incorrect drugs if the healthcare system is changed (Zhao et al., 2022). For example, in this scenario, the most significant ethical factors are autonomy and fairness. Nurses’ self-esteem and productivity may improve by providing them with the proper medicine. This demonstrates that nurses can do the correct thing at the right time in every scenario.


There are several obstacles to implementing evidence-based procedures at the selected hospitals. Inexperienced RNs and other nurses confront two significant challenges: lack of time management and research and development abilities due to a heavy workload and lengthy shifts, and a lack of trust in their empirical findings and research results. An easy way for hospital administrators to deal with this problem is to enact hospital policies that reward nurses who openly share their research and enable them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


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